Big Bang: The Decentralized Blockchain Powered Network for Online Gaming Industry

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Big Bang is a unified global unified gaming loyalty and reward network build for casinos and eSports community.
Blockchain technology has already revolutionized many industries in the business. The gaming industry is the latest example where blockchain technology seems to have a promising future. The distributed ledger technology popularly known as blockchain technology will irrevocably alter the future of the gaming industry.

The blockchain technology is a distributed ledger that stores the public record of agreements, interactions and transactions in a safe and secure manner that is linked cryptographically. These records are immutable or unaltered. Henceforth, blockchain provides a network that is more secure and trustworthy as it is not dependent on any kind of third party or any single entity.

Online gaming platforms and services have never had a better opportunity to innovate, expand their capabilities, and at the same time improve the relationship between the actors, and offer more to the gamers. The blockchain technology aims at revolutionizing the online gambling and betting industries, as it offers a synchronized and shared network that is a transparent, secure and inclusive ecosystem.
To do so, Big Bang platform has an inbuilt mechanism to fight against challenges like frauds and data thefts. At the same time, Big Bang will incentivize the gamers for their participation in various games and services.

The online eSports and casino industry is huge and is worth billions of dollars. It is expected to be worth 51.96 billion USD. Despite the growing popularity of the gaming industry, it remains cramped by a number of factors like fraudulent activities; isolation of single games and services, the involvement of third parties and grey markets, high transaction fees, as a result, the industry is more prone to data thefts and illicit activities.

Big Bang is a blockchain powered platform for the online gaming and gambling industry. Big Bang aims at providing a solution to the problems mentioned above by providing directness and transparency between the actors. The blockchain powered platform provides a complete insight into the actions as well as behaviors of the gamers. On the other hand, it also allows gamers to feel secure and trust that their participation and activities will be rewarded, winnings are retained and loyalty points are added and shared across the ecosystem.


Who Can Benefit From Big Bang Platform?
Typically, more operators that associate with Big Bang more insight and data is provided. Big Bang is here to develop a beneficial ecosystem which attracts and benefits the gamers and operators. The Big Bang platform creates a one-stop shop experience for the gamers by rewarding them through an all-inclusive loyalty program. At the same time reducing operators need to indulge in marketing campaigns and provide gamers with more improved services. Sponsors will also benefit by receiving valuable data with which to target and focus their efforts.

What is Big Bang Tokens (BBT)?
The Big Bang Token is an ERC20 (Ethereum smart contract standard) token which is a proprietary loyalty and utility token of the BBPlatform. BBT can be easily traded or exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies. Traditionally, players have been rewarded with points as part of loyalty programs. By providing cryptocurrency as an ultimate loyalty token it will prove to be far more effective due to its vast recognition and exchangeability.

By providing gamers, with a universally accepted loyalty token, earnable for involvement in various games and services, Big Bang is able to completely alter the part and recognition of the loyalty programs. This will make the loyalty programs a central idea of online gaming rather than an auxiliary add-on.

Join Big Bang and earn loyalty points in real time. The Pre-sale has already started on July 1st and will last till September 30, 2018, it has created a lot of buzz in the gaming industry. Play and reward yourself through a varied range of games and services on the Big Bang platform and earn as much as you can.

Token Sale Detail:
Token Name: Big Bang
Token Symbol: BBT
Currency: ETH, BTC
Total Token Supply: 500,000,000
Hard Cap: $25, 000, 000
Soft cap: $1,000,000
Min Purchase: 0.1 ETH= 300 BBT.

For more details about Big Bang Token, please visit the following links:
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