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What Is XchangeCoin - https://xchangecoin.co/

XchangeCoin (XCC) believes that the road to mass adoption for crypto will be when changing your crypto into currency is as easy as going to your local supermarket or store. In Asia and Africa selling your crypto can take approximately 7 – 10 days, this also requires exchange fees, bank fees and transfer fees. With this is mind XchangeCoin (XCC) will build a network of retail stores / kiosks that will allow users in Asia and Africa to change crypto into currency at convenient XchangeCoin locations, options such as changing crypto into currency as well as allowing the customer to send crypto which can be converted to currency across the country to friends and family. The end game is to have stores / kiosks in America and Europe as well, allowing crypto to take on mass adaption due to the ease of transferring crypto to currency.

Signup here: https://xchangecoin.co/NewSignup.aspx

XchangeCoin Eco System
XchangeCoin is developing an eco-system that will use Blockchain technology to verify contracts. The growth factor will be where the blockchain connects all XchangeCoin locations around the world with a platform that enables a franchise model based on the Blockchain technology, which will allow for additional revenue streams.

XchangeCoin is a Peer-to-Peer technology that fuels the backbone of a global blockchain-based cryptocurrency that will use the symbol (XCC) and will be traded on major crypto exchanges as an alternative to fiat currency. The framework utilizes new distributed database designs, mathematical trust, and community governance.

Conect with us:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/XchangeCoinICO/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/XchangeCoinICO
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/JWsyfBB0XVd0OXo_W0iB4A
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