GFC: Greek Food Corridors E-Auctions in Greece

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We are the Next Generation electronic Auction infrastructure in Greece for Fruit & Vegetables and Olive Oil,
synchronized with a Commodity Exchange market for Futures contracts based on Fiat and cryptocurrency.
We are creating an e-auction platform for Fruits, Vegetables and Olive Oil and networking it with
the production & consumption sites to enable farmers and growers to sell their produce in a coordinated
and fair manner.
Despite the unfavourable economic environment, Greek foods stand out on the international
market confirming the comparative advantage of Greece in the agri-food sector. Traditional Greek
food harmonically combines taste with high nutritional value.
Dozens of scientific studies have demonstrated the positive effects of the balanced Greek diet
on health, beauty and longevity. Grown under the ideal climate conditions of the Mediterranean,
Greek food products have been distinguished by their excellence in quality and have thus
reinforced international esteem for traditional Greek food and cooking.
GFC National Agri-food e-auction platform is a unique initiative established in Greece. It
integrates & coordinates the actual Agri-food spot markets with the nationwide network of
product supply, cold storage logistics, SPs, CQ agencies and Transport companies to provide
rapidly the best quality product at your doorstep.

The work of an e-auction is to help producers at different levels, organisation, promotion,
certification, standardisation, storage, transportation ... It is equally important to have the support
of the Ministry of Agriculture, research centres and local Universities. We need the technology to
evolve, to help our farmers grow, people to find jobs, our Greek products to find the way to the

Setting up a National Agricultural Platform (NAP) is particularly important for both the actual
market and the general Greek economy and for improving competitiveness. Such an attempt will
rationalise the value chain of agricultural products, enhance transparency in trade, bringing the
producer closer to the final buyer, offering him individuality (equal power), liquidity (product flow),
product homogeneity (quality standards & quantity) and will consolidate and improve product
prices across the supply chain. The National Agricultural Platform of GFC will allow the groups of
producers to create economies of scale, increasing them their turnover & profit without the risk of
capital. The platform will allow growers to focus exclusively on their production and invest in new
opportunities in the fields of cultivation, sustainability and quality, having secured the flow of their
products. Its members will be able to benefit from economies of scale, and make better use of
marketing. Establishing the GFC-NAP online auction and networking it in real time with its
production and consumption sites will organise, coordinate and increase sales (focusing on
exports), improving product quality standards and packing process. GFC e-auction platform will
be a huge step to empower farmers. Traders will bid online from anywhere in the world and
farmers & farmer’s association will have secure product flow and a fair price for their products.
This will lead to “scientific” price discovery by the farmers themselves, breaking the hold of

In turn, GFC invests in technology, knowledge and collaboration in the supply chain ensuring
the daily satisfaction of their customers and other stakeholders. The growth of the institution in
targeted products will make a decisive contribution to the promotion of the country’s specific
exports and, as a result, to the improvement of the trade balance with positive effects on the
country’s current account balance and GDP.
To learn more about GFC please visit our website or read our whitepaper.
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