- first relayer for decentralized lending protocols

CLabsCLabs Member Posts: 1
Excited to announce beta version of Bloqboard (, a relayer for decentralized lending protocols. The goal is to utilize decentralized finance protocols as they come on the mainnet and provide users access to various lending use cases. For example, we use Dharma protocol for peer-to-peer collateralized lending, planning on using Compound Finance protocol for on-demand overnight lending, dYdX for margin trading, etc...

On the distribution side we want to integrate with wallets, trading platforms and apps that require lending capabilities Our API is open and free to use. The premise is to provide lending and borrowing services where tokens are parked. This whole story would become more exciting when real world assets get tokenized and can be used as on chain collateral. We are building open token lending infrastructure!

We are in beta, so please let me know if you run into any issues! Feedback is much appreciated.

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