How much would an average ICO cost to launch?

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[b]It depends on a few factors:[/b]
1. Do you pay your ICO team in fiat or equities?
2. Can you promote your ICO content by your self? Or are you using an external service-
3. How much money do you have?


[b]Most of the ICO budget will go on Marketing.[/b]
In fact, an ICO need to create a lot of attention in a short amount of time. It makes it possible for many freelancers and service providers to take advantage of it and ask for insane prices on their tasks, X10 more than what they would ask from a non-ICO company.

[b]The ICO cost can go from 50,000$ - 1,000,000$ + . [/b]
It mostly depends on your team.
If you will create a high-quality team that will work together around your idea you significantly increase your chances to make a successful ICO and to reduct your ICO launch costs.

What questions you should ask your self while building your ICO Marketing team:

Can you create your own content? (this is what it take-
[url=] ICO Marketing Guide[/url]

Do you have a creative marketing expert that simplify your idea and make it easy to understand?
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