Few tips about ICO promotion campaigns, and their numbers.

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Each ICO is different, So you need to ask your self:

1-What’s your ICO soft/hard cap.

2-Do you have a marketing expert on your team and content writers that can save you a lot of money by promoting your company?

3-Are you ready to pay 20,000$ + for a Crypto youtube influencer to promote your ICO?

The reason I ask you this question is that it’s extremely expensive to run an ICO.

I had clients that paid more than 40,000$ only for a youtuber to promote their ICO. The return was more than 500,000$ from the video, but it doesn't change the fact that it was an insanely large expense for it and it doesn't guarantee you any return. there are plenty of creative ICO marketing companies out there that could help you to promote your ICO.

The ICO budget can move between 50,000$ to more than a million dollar.
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