hey guys. Doing a presentation on ethereum on Thursday

Hey guys. I'm doing a presentation on bitcoin and crypto 2.0 platforms BitShares, ethereum, and maidsafe. Im presenting this to mostly comp sci majors. What do you think I should highlight when talking about ethereum?


  • BruceSwansonBruceSwanson Los AngelesMember Posts: 7
    You might encourage your audience to speculate on what the first smart contracts will do.
  • VoR0220VoR0220 Member Posts: 11
    That's what I was thinking. But how would I go about summarizing what Ethereum is in 5 minutes?
  • VoR0220VoR0220 Member Posts: 11
    or shortly in general.
  • robmyersrobmyers Member Posts: 65 ✭✭✭
    For the comp.sci crowd:
    - Ethereum is a distributed consensus system for publishing and computing small amounts of important public data.
    - It's blockchain-based, so it cannot be censored and you don't have to trust the network to use it.
    - It includes a turing-complete (but Agoric, that is you pay for each instruction so infinite loops aren't a problem) virtual machine that you can program in novel languages like Solidity and Serpent.
    - It's a toolbox for implementing other systems: you can use it to create altcoins and tokens easily, or make smart contracts and DAOs with it.

    I think the only thing Ethereum doesn't do that the other two can is the mass storage that Maidsafe provides, but maybe Swarm would address that.
  • GeorgeHallamGeorgeHallam Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 229 admin
    That's a pretty good description @robmyers.

    @VoR0220, if you'd like an Ethereum slide dec we use to explain Ethereum ping me a message and I'll send it over to you.
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