P2PS: The new step towards better protection of digital assets

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Safeguarding sensitive information against encroachments of various intruders has become one of the most burning issues in our age of highly advanced technologies. It's not a secret that even the data protection systems of high reliability, which are utilized by huge transnational corporations and political organizations, are prone to being compromised by third parties. The infamous cyberattack on the data centers of the Democratic National Committee can serve as the most spectacular example of such vulnerability. This intrusion resulted in the theft and subsequent promulgation of the confidential correspondence between the party members that allegedly had a significant impact on the outcome of the election in the U.S.
Nevertheless, when there is a problem, there is a solution. The active development of blockchain had a positive effect on the area of online finance, so now it's time to introduce this technology into the sphere of distribution of sensitive information and protection of valuable digital assets. P2P Solutions Foundation, comprised of fintech and blockchain experts from various countries, decided to tackle this issue head-on.

P2PS Mission

P2PS (Peer-to-Peer Solutions) is an innovative blockchain-based peer-to-peer platform which provides its users with an opportunity to directly exchange digital files and assets, without possible intrusion by any third party. Such exchanges or transactions can't be meddled, altered, delayed or canceled by anyone other than the peers (direct participants in the process), even by the network or system administrators. The primary mission of P2PS is to ensure the thorough security of the process of storing and transferring sensitive information and valuable digital assets within the framework of the peer-to-peer platform that will subsequently transform into the fully-fledged ecosystem.

What kind of data can be protected via P2PS?

P2PS is the overly-protected peer-to-peer platform that provides the unique means for secure long-term storage/transfer of any kind of data, archives, documentation, and even valuable digital assets between two independent nodes without even the slightest possibility of intrusion from a third party. The P2PS technology will allow users to carry out secure transactions of the following digital data:
Confidential banking information, including customer databases, annual and quarterly reports, transaction history;
Medical records: patients' medical history, reports on public and public procurement of pharmaceutical drugs, patient database;
The data of national importance: the widest range of documents, from transcripts of political negotiations to the information concerning government contracts from the military-industrial complex;
Business information: customer database, tax data, employees' personal information.
Sensitive personal information: personal records, photo and video archives, wills etc.
It is safe to say that the P2PS platform is a unique and unparalleled development. None of the existent platforms can match the level of data transfer security guaranteed by the P2PS Foundation.

P2PS Token

The ERC-20 compliant P2PS token will become the main driving force of the platform. The purchase of the certain quantity of tokens will be mandatory for all users of the P2PS platform because this token serves as the means of payment for gaining access to various features and the investment in the further development of a secure and intrusion-free P2PS ecosystem. Starting with Electronic Learning Inc. and Innovative Solutions International Inc., over the course of time, the P2PS token will fully replace the licenses that users are currently required to purchase in order to use all benefits of this peer-to-peer communication platform. You can read more about this revolutionary development in the project's official whitepaper that you can find here.
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