Best ICO Whitepaper Ghost Writing Services

Sections to include in the white paper include but not limited (as I am open to accommodate suggestions from the client).

ICO white paper structure

1. Background — where and why it all began and summary of the whole project
Table of contents
2. Introduction — your market and why you need blockchain
3. Market analysis –, growth potential, competition
Specify the problem-how big is it? if it is solved, what does it unlock?
4. Introduction to product — what product or service you are offering based on market/problem
5. Product specific section — more detailed product specs, Technical — detailed description of technical specifications of the product and how it works
7. Use cases — examples of the product usage. take us through what the customer does when on the platform.
8. The pre-ICO — the terms of private placement or fund-raising pre-ICO
9. The ICO parameters — the terms for investors (follows below under separate STAGE)
10. Road map of development — what is done already, what needs to be done?
11. Financial projections — distribution of funds raised
12. Team — key team members and advisors

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