Vreo- a New Way to Present, Measure and Monetize ADs in Games

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Improving game monetization and countering ad fraud / adblocking.
Even though digital advertising surpassed even TV advertising in volume in 2016 and gaming has become the

biggest entertainment market, there are still a lot of problems plaguing the industries. For example, a

lot of the advertising budget is lost due to fraud, repetitive ad content or ad blocking. Another big

problem is the unfair distribution of the ad revenue, as classical intermediaries take high cuts instead

of the revenue reaching the ones fueling the whole industry: the gamers and the game developers.

Shaping games.
The attention of gamers is worth a lot of money to brands and advertisers. In-game advertising is on the

rise, but currently mainly consists of interruptive ad formats. We are providing an advertising solution

by gamers for gamers, which is embedded as part of the surroundings, doesn’t interrupt the gaming

experience and also gives financial value back to the gamers themselves. Through registering at our

marketplace we can identify and reward gamers while gaming, through our tokens we can also grant voting

rights on upcoming features to gamers, enabling gamers to shape the future of gaming.

Embedded advertising.
We provide various services at Vreo: for developers, we provide a plugin that enables the placement of

digital billboards and surfaces for ads within software. This enables the placement of ads dynamically

and natively embedded within said software (no pop-ups, so no pop-up blockers) and reports back all

interaction of the user with the ad. These plugins and their algorithms are used for streaming and

exchanging the ads as well as evaluating the exact number (and the quality!) of views and other user

specific data. Contrary to other developments our solutions are not bound to specific hardware devices

but usable on every platform and make use of blockchain technology. We also provide a marketplace where

gamers, game developers and advertisers can find together.

Untapped potential.
Most games out there have a lot of untapped potential: while a lot of in-game advertising is happening on

mobile, it is still “immobile” advertising that interrupts the gaming experience of the user. With our

plugins, we provide a solution to embed ads into the surroundings of the game, for example at roadside,

on walls of houses or on billboards and TVs, without interrupting the gaming experience. On PC and

console there is next to no in-game advertising present, as there was no technology available to do it on

a larger scale, a problem our plugin and marketplace solve.
Currently, gamers have no way of participating other than gaining in-game rewards, if any, and get

presented with repetitive, non-fitting ads. Customer retention models are on the rise, but still mostly

provide no real or monetary benefit to the users.

Use of blockchain technology.
There are a lot of problems troubling developers and advertisers, for example transparency and security.

Blockchain can solve these problems for both gaming and advertising. All ad data gets gathered and

written into a blockchain, where, due to its decentralized nature, it cannot be manipulated, providing a

high amount of trust for everyone involved. Combine this with gamer profiles, which are based upon

self-determined control, and fraudulent content gets minimized by a lot, as every ad impression is

verified and accountable for.
Using tokenization and incentivizing usage of our tokens, we grant both transparency and trust, but also

voting rights to the gamers to get them involved in the whole creation process of a game. Developers can

thus get feedback from the community regarding features and design questions.
We strongly believe that blockchain technology will be a great solution for advertising and gaming in

general, which is why our solutions are always scalable, as we plan to adapt other forms of advertising

to our data and billing routine as well.

The Vreo tokens.
The Vreo network will make use of a two token structure, enabling store-of-score mechanisms (through the

ViewToken or VIT) and a volatile utility token that grants network access, voting rights and additional

utilities like elimination of transaction fees (the MeritCoin or MERO).

Who are we?
We started working on solutions to improve the experience of the gaming and VR industry in 2016. Our team

consists of professionals and entrepreneurs of all ages, with industry veterans in PR, marketing, sales

and coding. We have strong experience in building companies up from scratch and establishing new business

models. In addition to our core team, we rely upon our vast network of developers and contacts all around

the world, some of which joined our advisory board. For every step we take and every industry we are in

contact with, we either have a team member or a well-recognized advisor in their respective field – for

the ICO and after.

What lies ahead?
The private sale of our MeritCoins is currently ongoing. The Vreo team has attended and is attending

conferences, meetups and trade shows all around the world. To learn more about our project and our

roadmap, please visit us here or join our community here or one of our other channels that are listed on

our website.
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