Scam ICO ZeroEdge

artifact4727artifact4727 Member Posts: 1
Hi all, a fraudulent company called ZeroEdge ( collected about 1,300,000.00$ in investments through Ethereum. Then about a week ago they fully broke contact. So obviously all investor, including myself were scammed. The deposit address that I know for their ICO was (

I was hoping to get some answers here to following questions, if it's not too much of a hassle.
1. Is it possible to compile a list of all final outbound addresses (e.g. through tools), could that help any investigations?
2. Can any other deposit addresses can be identified by looking at the flow of transactions?
3. Could the author of the smart contract upload it without leaving any traces? Or does Ethereum offer any was to trace authorship?
5. Any advice where to report this further besides here (

Thank you!
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