ETHASH POOL // SOLO/PPLNT/PROP (private group)

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Hello friends. I will introduce Ethash Pool.

SOLO/PPLNT/PROP (private group)
Nicehash 100% support
Switching coins on the fly
Android app (iOs comming soon)

Pool Address

First of all, I do not know if I think it is a nice pool. There are many advantages of the Pool and the server. We're logging in to Gmail on the site. You can open a GMail for this job.
There are servers in 5 different regions, and COIN, which you are digging, is able to excavate with shorter MSs sooner or later, and your income grows even more.

In particular, SOLO is seriously affecting the block finding rate in excavations.
There are 35 Ethash Algo Coins available. The good thing is that you are telling how many units you will get in 1 GHZ within 24 hours and how much you will earn on the stock exchange. As an example, let's go through MOAC coin.

Appearances of coins in the pool.

Pool Address

In fact, it can be used as a calculator site. It can be used to track coins and how much you can earn with Ethash algo.

I will come to your wallet incidents. The pool can be opened as a wallet in your own room. You can start to dig in quickly without getting a wallet and then you can send your wallet coins to you afterwards.

A new feature. The site gives you an id. When preparing the bat, you are using that id instead of your Wallet address. What are the advantages of this id event?

On the site we have 35 ethash algoes. If you prepare and run bat with id, you can check your rig through the site. 35 algoes can be soloed or pooled in bulk.

You can instantly change the coin you want to dig. You do not have to connect to your individual rigs and set up different bat files. You can pick up the relevant Rig from the site and win the coin you want. [/ Size]

• You can define your wallets on the site and send it to your desired profile.
• You can keep track of how much your rigs have been interrupted in 24 hours and how many Invalid shares they give.
• From the Settings section, you set the starting point at which you start your bacon and which coin to start.

Pool Address

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