Coin Market Alert (CMA) Airdrop + Token Pre-Sale is LIVE through July 31

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Coin Market Alert (CMA) is the cryptocurrency token used by investors and traders to monitor their entire crypto portfolio.

Coin Market Alert's web site is on

The CMA token is set to be available on Token Store Exchange starting on August 1, 2018. Until then, CMA is in its pre-Sales stage. Pre-sale tokens are priced reasonably at two and a half cents.

As a CMA user, you can to monitor every token or coin you buy, sell, trade or invest in, every hour of every day, with the latest, most updated information. This means you're in the know about all the key changes that affect your digital financial portfolio.

CMA users may also create new alerts quite easily, and can even make them available to other paying CMA subscribers. In this way, CMA subscribers are able to earn CMA tokens.

It's well known that professional traders do not simply rely on free financial news services. The smart money knows better than to rely on anything free to help protect their investments. Free services have delays and irrelevant noise which distract attention away from your efforts to invest. On CMA, the whole point is that you keep your eyes on just what matters to you, and nothing else. This way, you're updated on the latest details about your cryptocurrencies especially when it's critical. So whatever alert service you use, be sure to have a tool like CMA in place to cover your assets, even when you're sleeping or otherwise not online.

The main CMA token pre-sale info page is at:

On that page you can read about the Bounty Progam, which lets you collect quite a nice amount.

n.b. There's a free game available to play for all registered users, which lets you try to win CMA Tokens, at .

Registration is free. Sign up free and collect free tokens in the game and also through the bounty program.

CMA is an ERC20-based token. On this standard, CMA tokens are easily transferrable between ERC20-compatible wallets.

Here is the CMA Roadmap:

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