#Qbao Network Weekly #Announcement

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Existing App Development Progress
In the past three weeks, Qbao SDK development progress was carried out in an order manner. With the cooperation of our partner PlayCoin, the embedded SDK development was taking effect. We expect to complete the integration by the end of next month. We will then realize the function of evoking Qbao App for payment through external links.
Last week, we released the official version 3.3. We continued to optimize the Qbao App, including:
Fixed a display bug on the Qtum withdrawal button on an iOS device;
Fixed a bug where some Android users cannot enter with PIN code;
Optimized on V3.4 changing skin function and added more icon options;
Unified specification of the content in the App;
Optimized multi-language version update description;
V3.4 optimized on the chat element restrictions when the user chats with “Qbao Team”

Front-End Development Progress
Update the roadmap in July on official website https://qbao.fund/#/

Backstage Development Progress
Optimized the background code and fixed some bugs.
V3.4 will support more token-to-token exchange trading pairs;
Fixed a bug in the homepage announcement list
Fixed a bug that some blacklist users can still join the group after adding a blacklist in the group chat.
Mobile phone number verification supports 200+ countries SMS;

Market and Operation
1,Qbao Network and BKBT reached the strategic cooperation to further promote mutual development

2,Qbao Network was invited to participate in Asia Blockchain Meetup Tour 2018

3,Qbao Network COO Nathan Sun accepted an interview by CoinVoice and discussed deeply on the choice of entrepreneur, the competitive landscape in the blockchain wallet field, and the relationship between diversification and concentration.

4,Qbao Network will further strengthen cooperation with Playcoin. Version 3.4 is expected to play Playcoin games.

1,After Qbao Network 3.3 Released for 72 hours, a total of 500,000 Qtum products sold!

Recently, the official version of Qbao Network 3.3 was released. After V3.2 cryptocurrency trading, V3.3 features asset management function. Token bank products include QBT, Qtum and Qtum POS mine pool gains with lock-in period from 7 to 90 days. It can meet user needs on increasing asset value. In addition to the high-yield asset management product, users participating now can also receive an additional 600,000 LFT airdrops.

2,Qbao Network V3.3 closed beta test ended. The rewards will be given with this week.
Qbao Network V3.3 closed beta test ended. Thanks to the support of closed beta test users! Rewards were fully released yesterday. Please check the balance in the Qbag.

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