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What is Oxid Coin?

Oxid Coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency That uses Peer-to-Peer technology to work without a Central authority or banks.

Oxide Coin is a base for the Decentralized Crypto Portal OXIDEX, which is operated by a network of miners Staking Nodes, master nodes, and Supernodes. Miner helped Start the Blockchain and support the network up to the full Proof-of-Stake (POS) Transition. Staking Nodes protect the network using the POS mechanism. Master nodes and Supernodes form the backbone of the network of Oxide, store and use the Blockchain to the users and validate transactions.

Our goal is a Crypto Portal (called OXIDEX) with applications for our users, to build, to invest, to trade and to have a marketplace for the buying and selling of Goods, as well as an escrow service for our users protection.

During development, we will add new applications and search for partnerships to provide a full-Service crypto solution.

Master nodes

Oxide the master nodes are network servers that are constantly connected to the Oxide Network and service functions such as Validate, Save, and Serve up the Blockchain for the users to perform. Master nodes are the backbone of the network of the Oxide.

Anyone with 5000 oxide can set up and operate an Oxide Blockchain master Node, which provides additional security, reliability and performance of the Blockchain. For your dedicated service, Masternodes receive a portion of each Oxide Block reward gained.


Supernodes are a type of master Nodes that are rewarded a much higher reward for providing stability and security for the Blockchain. Anyone with 25000 oxide can set up and operate a Supernode.

Masternode and Supernode Block payouts explained

Only one reward per Block is randomly selected between master And Supernodes. For example, if Masternode for a particular Block will be rewarded be added to the rewards for POW, POS and Masternode. The Supernode is rewarded for a particular Block, then the rewards for POW, POS, and Supernode are added.

Master and Supernodes have the same probability of getting block Rewards.

Oxide Specification

Name: OXID
Symbol: oxide
Algo: Scrypt
Coin type: POW / POS / Masternodes / Sypernodes
Block time: 120 sec.
Maturity: 10 blocks
Max Coin Supply: 89,000,000
POW Reward per block: 0.5-3 oxide
POS Reward per block: 1 - 2 - 0.25 oxide
Masternode Reward per block: 3 - 8 - 1 oxide
Supernode Reward per block: 24 - 48 - 6 oxide
Masternode Collateral: 5,000 oxide
Supernode Collateral: 25,000 oxide
Stake min age: 2 hours
Premine: 2.98% (2,650,000) used for exchanges, marketing, development, bounties, airdrops
Stake start block: 1.001
Masternodes start block: 1.001
Supernodes start block: 5,001

Default port: 18932
RPC port: 18933
Testnet default port: 18942
Testnet RPC port: 18943

Breakdown of the premiums


Block 1 2,650,000 (2.98% premine)
Block 2 - 1,000 0.5
Block 1,001-20,000 1
Block 20,001 - 50,000 2
Block 50,001 - 100,000 3


Block 1,001 - 5,000 1
Block 5,001-10,000 1.5
Block 10.001-20,000 1.75
Block 20,001 - 262,800 2
Block 262,801-525,600 1
Block 525,601-788,400 0.5
Block 788.401 and up 0.25

Master nodes

Block 1,001 - 5,000 3
Block 5,001-10,000 4
Block 10.001-20,000 6
Block 20,001-262,800 8
Block 262,801-525,600 4
Block 525,601 - 788,400 2
Block 788.401 and up 1


Block 5,001-10,000 24
Block 10.001-20,000 36
Block 20,001-262,800 48
Block 262,801-525,600 24
Block 525,601-788,400 12
Block 788.401 and up 6


Website: https://oxid.io
Explorer: http: / / explorer.oxide.io: 3001
Twitter: https://twitter.com/oxidcoin
Discord: https://discord.gg/NucWZP2
GitHub: https://github.com/Oxid-coin/oxid
Wallets: https://github.com/Oxid-coin/oxid/releases
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