Attention to all developer, free Security Audits for Smart-Contracts by Callisto Network

For all developers here you can have your smart-contract code checked for free.
If you want to have your code checked please give me as a reference @ ThunderHawk1080 (Thank you)!

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Description and procedure of the Free Security Audits

Smart Contract Audit Department. Callisto Network Offer Free of Charge Smart Contract Audit. Callisto Network is fully compatible with Ethereum and Ethereum Classic environment (Solidity language and EVM). Smart contract developer also can make smart contract Based on Callisto Network Blockchain.

What is Callisto Security Department? Why it’s matter? For a Simple Answer, Callisto Network deploys treasury funds to pay security auditors for their work, thus security audits are free-of-charge for smart-contract developers or development teams and the benefit for this is to reduce risk/flaw in smart contract and improve the adoption of programmable blockchains for the whole crypto industry. So, how its work?

How to do Smart Contract Audit For Free With Callisto Network

1. Customer submit audit request
2. Security manager verify request
3. Auditors pickup request
4, Multiple auditors check smart-contract code
5. Security manager collect and verify reports from auditors
6. Customer notified of results

What will be checked by our Auditors?

- Multiple independent auditors perform full service audit

- Overall smart contract architecture

- Technical analysis interaction between smart contract and the blockchain

- Identify possible security vulnerabilities within smart contract

- Identify possible bugs in the smart contract code and severity/classification of the founded issues.

- Possible optimization of smart contract code

What the auditor of smart-contracts will do?

The main task of each security auditor is to check the code for security-related issues and prepare a report on the detected errors after the audit is completed.

All the work coordinated through Github. If an audit request (issue) appears in the list, the auditors will pick it.

1. After the auditor has received the objective of his work, he will comment the time that will be required to verify this smart-contract, depends on smart contract code complexity.

2. The auditor will create audit report and send it to the auditing manager by email. The auditor will check the contract code, perform necessary testing and describe findings at the audit report.

3. At least three different auditors, as well as community members and the audit manager will check the smart contract, so the auditors is not incentivised in hiding the errors found or trying to exploit them. After the auditor has completed the verification of the code and supplemented his report with a description of the findings, he will comment the corresponding Github issue that his report is finished.

Disclosure policy

After the audit was completed, the audit manager will inform the customer about the results without revealing the reports. After 15 days from the date of informing the customer about the findings, the reports should still be published and the results summed up.

If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact me! ;-)

Best regards
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