Competition for private testing of the P2P platform PlusCoin!

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We are pleased to inform you that the DS Plus project team (PlusCoin) is launching a private testing of the P2P platform.

P2P PlusCoin is the first e-Commerce platform where everyone can place goods, exchange then for the PlusCoin cryptocurrency, and buy goods from other users for their coins.

For the platform (and the DS PLUS application in the future) the technical department developed a private Blockchain, based on the Ethereum Blockchain. Its advantage is that each transaction, regardless of the amount and other factors, has no commission and confirmations does not last longer than 1 minute.

We would be happy if you would like to take part in testing one of the first real e-Commerce products that uses the unique Blockchain technology.

The technical department has already conducted the first tests and prepared everything to simulate the trading situation in real time.

In this regard, the team decided to hold a competition among our tokenholders. The prize will be 20 registered accounts with PlusCoins.

What will be the process of the testing?

The essence of testing will be following: you, as a participant, provide any product for exchanging on the platform — it can be anything you’d like and this product does not have to be new. Just look around what you could offer for placement, prepare a picture of the product, description and price in rubles or dollars (no more than 50 USD). The same actions will be performed by all other participants of the test.
There will be a certain number of coins (600 000–800 000 PLCN) on the winners’ personalized accounts, which you will be able to spend on P2P goods, that will be placed by other participants.

The testing will begin August 1, 2018.

How to become a winner in this competition?

Tokenholder creates some content about the project — it can be a video review, an article, infographics, etc. We will not narrow your ideas and ways of its realization. Top 20 works will be selected by team members and the creators of these works will become the winners + they will receive registered accounts with PlusCoins.
After creating some content about the DS PLUS (PlusCoin) project, send your data to the email address: [email protected]
- Name / Nickname
- Nickname in Telegram (@________)
- Link to your created and hosted content

The competition will start on July 24, 2018 and finish on July 31, 2018
On August 1, 2018 we will announce the list of winners
On August 1, 2018 the private testing of P2P among the winners of the competition and third-party invited participants starts.
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