3 Useful tips to promote an ICO

cryptflixcryptflix Member Posts: 9
As cryptocurrency becomes increasingly popular among startups and established companies, alike, we’ll be seeing more companies positioning themselves for Initial coin offerings, or ICOs.

Here is a great tutorial that can teach you from A-Z how to do a great ICO Marketing Work

1.Figure Out Your Market - ICOs are not for every company. Although the concept is new and exciting, not every industry is embracing the implementation of cryptocurrency. Many cryptocurrency supporters believe blockchain systems can and will impact every major industry, for the better. However, this impact likely won’t happen overnight.

2. Know Your Audience - The cryptocurrency world is still largely shrouded in confusion and misunderstanding. As you approach your ICO, you will most likely be speaking to two distinctive audiences: those with a breadth of digital currency knowledge, and those who really don’t understand the difference between Bitcoin and blockchain. This second group likely understands the growing status of cryptocurrency, but they may not understand the technicalities.

3.Find a right marketing team - It is your responsibility to create marketing and PR materials that speak to both sides of the spectrum. Through thought leadership, social media, and more traditional PR hits, you have to carefully define and tailor your messaging to support the experiences and interests of your target audience. Platforms like GuerrillaBuzz can give you advise on how to perform this step successfully, so you don’t have to figure it all alone.
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