XFX RX580 stock speed after flashing rom

afrosamuraiyafrosamuraiy Member Posts: 5
hey guys. i flashed a rom over my xfx rx580 gts xxx 8gb samsung cards. now 3/6 are running at 30MH/s and the other 3 at 22.33. one of the slow 3s started at 30, too, but jumped back to 22.33 after a while. NEED HELP!!!


  • afrosamuraiyafrosamuraiy Member Posts: 5
    Is there anybody who can help? I would even pay for the service.
  • Wasp0Wasp0 Member Posts: 49
    are you mining in Windows? If so what driver are you using? you would do well to read this https://mining.help/ . This helped me a huge amount. However if you are mining in Windows, consider ditching it for one of the Linux mining programs such as HiveOS or SMOS
  • tckw93tckw93 Member Posts: 17
    what did u change in the bios? i have a few of the black ones and most of them run stable at 29 mh/s. only one of the cards kept crashing and stayed on 23 mh/s after restart, so i guess i'm stuck like you.

    i think it's more of a silicon lottery and they don't deal with modded bios that well so i restored the bios and used it on my gaming rig.
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