OpenCl Call Error Busted!!!

peterfreemanpeterfreeman Member Posts: 2
OpenCl Call error is a nightmare to new and inexpereinced miners. This error often reduces your rig output or freezes the rig hence more downtime for your rigs. 100% up time is the ultimate goal of every miner. If you have tried all you could and still get this error during mining, this is what you have to do.
Use the -wd 0 in the bat file to disable watchdog, this will enable the rig to continue mining if one GPU fails.
Disable GPU synchronisation from your MSI Afterburner. This will enable you effect separate setting for every GPU on your rig.
Select and downclock the particular GPU generating the OpenCl Call error, run the rig again and check its stability. If the error continues, continue with downclocking until the rig is stable. The downclock method is to set the memory clock same as other GPUs on the rig while you reduce the core clock of the GPU generating the OpenCl call error
once the rig is stable, save the profile.

In case this method worked for you, or you have another that worked, please do comment below.

I am currently working on another method on another rig that seems to have worked also, just waiting to confirm the rigs stability.
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