New advancements in decentralized social media.

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Hi all,

First of all, this is NOT an ICO! It’s just a few developers coming together to create what could/should become the future of social media :o

On we are developing a new kind of social network, only made possible through blockchain technology. InkDrop is a Web 3 microblogging app powered by Ethereum.

While it has all the perks you would expect from a decentralized social network:
  • Security -> unhackable, incorruptible and censorship-resistant.
  • Privacy -> data ownership.

We are striving for more:
  • Content monetization -> through donations & subscriptions.
  • Community control -> people control the newsfeed instead of algorithms; the community moderates content.
  • Fair share -> everyone involved in advancing the network should be rewarded.
  • Mainstream Ɖapp-> growing the crypto ecosystem by becoming accessible to non-crypto enthusiasts.

Here is where we are at right now:
  • Platform operates fast & (nearly) free thanks to e.g. pre-caching, optimistic UI and IPFS.
  • The MVP with basic functionalities is running on the Rinkeby testnet.
  • Private Beta - join the community in disrupting the social media world and request a private-beta invite.

Why you:
  • Advice & Feedback. InkDrop is still under heavy development and we would like to integrate the Ethereum community’s advice to advance the technology.
  • Develop. We want to open source major parts of the ecosystem.
  • Great Content. Use this channel to connect to likeminded crypto enthusiasts.
  • Sharing = Caring. Talk about InkDrop with friends and media, and get it adopted beyond the crypto community.

Join the movement on

– Tobi
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