Is it too late to invest in bitcoin? Is it a bubble?

maanirochildmaanirochild Member Posts: 51
The answer is: NO

You’re not the only one who has this feeling. As someone who got into cryptocurrencies 2.5 years ago (It also seemed too late back then), I think you shouldn't spend your timing regretting on opportunities you missed.

Instead, you should make your first step ASAP and learn by getting involved.

What should you do?

Stay tuned - Read a lot about the different cryptocurrencies and try to catch up with the latest news.

Know where you are at - Try to understand how this market works and the main technology behind it Understand the Blockchain in Two Minutes

Trust yourself - 90% of what you read on the internet is bullshit, follow your instincts.

Learn the basics of technical analysis Crypto Investor's Guides - CryptoPotato

I hope it helps,
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