Will the 1 Ethereum to USD Chart Be Affected by it’s Trading Congestion?

It is reported that IFishYunYu was issued in January this year, there are currently 66,040 accounts holding IFishYunYu, and 80% of IFishYunYu holders are from the same address. In June, the total number of IFishYunYu transfers was more than 10,000. Today, just over half a month ago, it has exceeded 75,000 transfer times. At present, the number of transfers is still rising.

Not only IFishYunYu, but also the tokens Hashcoin and Airdrops are trading back and forth on the same two accounts. They are consuming a large amount of Ethereum networks, which leads to delays and high transaction costs in transactions for other users.

However, in the case of Ethereum trading congestion, in the past 24 hours, EOS reached a new high of 1,275 transactions per second, while processing about 500,000 transactions. This further confirms the speculations of Ethereum developers who have accused EOS of their attacks.

EOS's chief technology officer, Dan Larimer, denied the allegations in the telegraph group, and it is unclear whether these tokens are being manipulated by the EOS team. But this incident has exposed the congestion of Ethereum, which has been criticized for a long time. So will the 1 Ethereum to USD Chart Be Affected by it’s Trading Congestion?
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