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It is evident that blockchain is the technology of the future and that this industry will demand more jobs as the years pass.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are going to disrupt many industries. This is because this technology enables us to store data in a way that was never possible before.

It makes transactions and databases much more secure. This is because databases that use blockchain technology are decentralised. They are not stored on one single device, but instead spread over the whole network.

How to get involved in blockchain?

An article from techcrunch claims that there is a huge shortage of blockchain developers. Supposedly there are 14 job offerings for every one blockchain developer. All of this makes this type of work very appealing.

If you want to work as a blockhain developer or a consultatn, focus becoming skill-full in one of these three fields:

1-Hyperledger Fabric



These three fields are currently demanding the highest number of blockchain related jobs. Becoming skilful in these fields will put you miles ahead of competition.

Understanding basics and how the system works is important, but what you really need to learn is coding. Blockchain developers are paid more than any other blockchain related workers. Learning coding is not that hard. We live in a age where everything is available for you in a matter of few clicks.

A simple google search will offer you hundreds of sources from which you can learn blockchain development.

Here are some sub-fields that you should focus on while coding blockchain:

Blockchain security

Blockchain performance

Blockchain isolation

Get a good understanding of data structures

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