There is also cryptocurrency participation in the World Cup

With the fierce World Cup, the Gambling industry is also very busy, more and more people are involved world cup, but not for visual enjoyment, but to take the opportunity to participate in gambling, in order to earn greater benefits. This is also one of the reasons why people have been paying attention to the "World Cup kicking ball" incident for so long.

Involved in gaming, not only legal tender but also cryptocurrency, but there are also many fraudulent incidents on these gambling platforms. Recently, China has captured a lot of criminals who are "attracting cryptocurrency holders" to gambling. The gaming platform claims to accept internationally recognized cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, to attract user gambling.

However, through police investigations, the group found that the gang used traditional online gambling mode and cryptocurrency payment on the trading platform. Due to “regulatory loopholes”, the site uses its currency to hide revenue to make a profit.

But it is undeniable that during this period of time, cryptocurrencies are indeed used in the gambling industry.

It can be seen from the 1 ethereum to usd chart that the price of Ethereum exceeded $450 yesterday. I wonder if it is related to the recent World Cup? ? ?
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