Overclocking/Underclocking ASUS ROG STRIX Radeon RX Vega64 8GB OC HBM2 2048bit

eFiJyeFiJy Member Posts: 7
Hi. I have been mining with these gpus for several weeks now, but only a day ago I tried to underclock and undervolt them as much as possible, without losing hashrate.
The rig has 7 gpus, all VEGAs 64.
Indeed, for the same 44 mh/s/card, I managed to drop my consumption from nearly 1800 watts to 1300, by using the settings below.
I mined cryptonight for a period, Monero to be more specific, with a power consumption of only 900 watts, but switched to Ethereum, as for the long run, given the expected rise in price, it is a better option, at least for me and for my current hardware.

My question is: Are these settings slowly destroying my cards? And I am talking about gpu clock especially, as the 852 is the lowest threshold accepted for these cards.

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