Need help with a quick ICO crowdsale: go-through explanation

bobibobi Member Posts: 1

I need some help with destructing an example ICO crowdsale contract into parts. The example I am referring to is located at:

I was going through some examples and i find this one a bit out of the classic: generate-sale-burn process. So I was wondering if someone could just help me go through this contract so I get a better understanding (I might have one more example to go through in another discussion) on how it actually works.

My questions are: GifCrowdsale.sol I see the author using Ownable but i do not see anywhere for this function to be imported from. How does that work?
2. in GifToken.sol I see no burn function but apparently the tokens (what remained) were destroyed. Can you destroy tokens without burning them ?
3. in GifCrowdsale.sol it says that the contract can accept LTC, BTC, but how?
4. in GifCrowdsale.sol in function dateBonus is is possible to replace if () with assert()?
5. dos one always needs to specify 18 decimals (I haven't seen a contract using less decimal points)?

Any additional comments (3rd party comments ) regarding the design of this contract are appreciated. Maybe if someone would be so kind to describe what the contract does would be of great value to me. I am learning by example


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