Current Recommended Development Setup - Whys and Wherefores

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From discussions, I believe the current best development setup is Solc for compilation, Mist for uploading, and Mist/Chrome for testing.

For testing, Mist provides JSON-RPC for the JS/HTML UI running in Chrome, and Chrome provides the JS/HTML debugging goodness that Mist currently lacks.

Is this correct? What details have I missed/misunderstood?

Also, if Mist is still intended to be a complete solution for running DApps post-testing, what's with the Meteor projects? e.g.:

Is this just demonstrating a different approach?


  • feindurafeindura BerlinMember Posts: 7
    We use meteor because it is the fastest, easiest and cleanest way to develop single page/pure client side web applications. We don't use the meteor server and the dapps will be deployed as static assets. This is in fact possible since a while already, though most people don't know about that.

    The meteor dapps are the official example dapps in mist.

    The deploy process is still in the making, therefore the deploy part of the dapps is not yet completely documented. But if you want to try yourself, bundle a meteor app -> $ meteor build myfolder and the extract and take the *.js and *.css from the bundle/program/web.browser
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    Thanks @Frozeman.

    @robmyers, we'll be writing a blogpost on this soon when Fabian has deployed a few more DApps. Will link you when we're done :)
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    @Frozeman - Thank you! That makes sense.

    @GeorgeHallam OK. :-) Thank you. I really like how things are going, I'm just trying to make sure my knowledge doesn't get too stale.
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