Fomo3D, a crazy ICO mockery game

Warning! This game is made to be addictive! Avoid it if you have gambling problems, for help you can call or text the National Problem Gambling Helpline 1-800-522-4700.

Fomo3D is a mockery of ICO scams. It's made from multiple smart contracts running on the Ethereum blockchain. It's part gambling and part skill.

How it works:
There's a 90 second timer.
Each buy of at least one "private key" (basically a ticket) resets the timer to 90 seconds. Each next "private key" costs more.
When the timer runs out, the "exit scam" is complete and the buyer of the last "private key" gets the biggest prize. The remainder
of the prize pool is divided amongst others depending on which "team" the last buyer chose, check Wiki for details.

Before the timer activates in each round there's the "ICO", all but first one this will last 5 minutes.
This is when people pool in to buy "private keys", at the end of the "ICO" the smart contract buys "private keys"
and divides them amongst the buyers based on how much ETH they put in.
This gives a fair start and prevents early advantage from people who can afford astronomical ETH gas prices.

Fomo3D is decentralized, transparent and trustless. Humans do not deal with the ETH and even if they wanted to, they cannot touch it!
It starts in a few days. You need ETH Metamask to play it.

Fomo into Fomo3D here:

If you want more details check out the Wiki Explained or hop in the Discord channel

The contracts can be seen on Etherscan:]]]
For other contracts search]
for contract creation TxHashes.

Good luck in your "exit scamming" adventures!

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