PandaMiner B3 Pro (8G) vs. PandaMiner B3 Pro (4G), What’s Their Difference?

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PandaMiner B3 Pro (8G) version is now available on our official website. Compared to the original product (PandaMiner B3 Pro), the memory size has been increased from the original 4G to the existing 8G version. Many customers have no idea on how to choose them. Here I would like to introduce you some difference between PandaMiner B3 Pro (8G) and PandaMiner B3 Pro (4G).

1. Stability

The memory frequency in the graphics card mining is the main factor affecting the computing power. The miners will change the graphics bios to reduce the power consumption and increase the computing power. The general change is to reduce the GPU core frequency & increase the memory frequency, and reduce the power consumption limit. In other words, the impact of the GPU of the mine card is not very large, on the contrary, the memory is working under extreme overclocking. Although there is not much improvement in hashrate compared to the B3 Pro (4G) , the mining stability B3 Pro (8G) will be greatly improved.

2. Price

PandaMiner B3 Pro (4G): $2666 ( PSU and shipping cost included)

PandaMiner B3 Pro (8G): $2699 (PSI and shipping cost included)

3. Link:

PandaMiner B3 Pro (4G):

PandaMiner B3 Pro (8G):

4. Apperance

There are no obvious difference in apperance between two miners.

Except for mining stability, there are actually no obvious difference between PandaMiner B3 Pro (8G) and PandaMiner B3 Pro (4G) in other aspects. Therefore, choose 8G or 4G, it’s depended on your actual needs. Whether you choose 4G or 8G, PandaMiner Team will provide you the same service to ensure you have a great shopping exprience.

For more details, welcome to visit our official websie:

About PandaMiner:

PandaMiner is a professional cryptocurrency hardware R&D technology company. With strong technology and R&D strength, PandaMiner stands out in the field of graphics card mining, and successfully produces stable integrated graphic card miners with high performance and low power consumption. PandaMiner has units that make miner R&D, cloud mining, miner hosting, mining pool, almost covers the entire cryptocurrency mining industry chain. Our vision is to perfect our products to meet the demands of the ever-growing mining industry and make mining simple.
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