Best revenue model for a new stable coin?

I have been working on a smart contract which issues a stable currency in return for ether and vice versa (all the ether is locked in the smart contract) . I won't mention the name as don't want to break any rules but we as a team can't agree on a revenue model, so I thought it would be best to ask the community.

The first and most obvious choice is to have transaction fees. The problem with this approach is that users are already paying gas so don't want to burden them with another fee (also will not encourage high volumes).

Another approach is to keep a percent of the pool . I feel the community may consider us a scam if we go with this approach (also in a black swan event not every one will be able to withdraw).

On another forum some one suggested to issue a governance token to fund the project.

If you were to "buy" a stable currency which one would you go for, and if you were an "investor" which option would you opt for?
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