How to create a new coin and new blockchain based on go-ethereum src code.

*===== I don't want any tokens on ethereum ===== * Just need new coin,new blockchain,new smart contracts (my own)

I have my first steps into the development of blockchain. My company and I are going to make a new project and we don't know what to do as I can't answer my own questions.

We want to create our own blockchain, coin and our blockchain should have the ability for users to interact with it with smart contracts. So the idea is, we want the same thing as go-ethereum has. This is where the problem starts to mess with us. If we clone the go-ethereum project and run it, It's very easy, but as we want our own blockchain and coin and smart contracts, we'd have to change go-ethereum code and to change it, we must know it 100% in depth. If we don't clone the go-ethereum project, then writing our own blockchain, coin staff, creating accounts,smart contracts and staff ethereum protocol has would be a huge task and almost impossible to make it in 5-6 months. So We think it's still better to clone the already existed go-ethereum and change the code.

Question (1) is the following: How is it possible to learn the ethereum code when it's written in very diffucult manner? I just looked at one file and I got lost already.
How do i start even making my own blockchain, my own coin,ability for users to interact with my blockchain with smart contracts, changing node's functions as i might not need nodes to confirm transactions but do something else? These kind of things are too hard to change in ethereum code. I need your advice, Ivan.

Question (2) is about smart contracts: My idea and company's point of view is something that requires lots of data to be saved in smart contract. for example in solidity smart contract code, I might need to write the map(address=>linkedlist) which has 1,000,000 length. As i have read contracts are not the way to store big data. What do you think?


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