Trusted/Verified Contracts

IVI3T4LIVI3T4L Member Posts: 10
Just throwing this idea out there. How could we make a system that would rate contracts or verify them as legitimate. Could we have something like a star rating from people who have verified the code and users that have used the code successfully or not.


  • jfwjfw Member Posts: 12
    For such kind of verification it seems you might want to look at a slightly different underlying technology. At Askemos you find a system modeled closer after a constitutional state. This incorporates the idea of trustworthy, private contracts.
  • mlacortemlacorte Los AngelesMember Posts: 27 ✭✭
    What do you mean by a trusted/verified contract? Since all contracts are forced to pay an amount equal to their computational cost, the only way a person could be malicious would be to lie about what his/her contract does. To prevent this, we'd just need some way to view the code that a contract runs. I suppose you could create a "review site" of sorts for people to rate whether or not the contract behaved as advertised, but if someone did post a malicious contract, presumably word would spread pretty quickly that it's a scam.
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