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Hi guys! Find investors for ICO Use Crypto Investor databases and get more investment.

I'm working with crypto investors and funds, are they interesting for you?
Our company has access to large investor information (actual databases) which will help you to reach your hard cap:

1. Crypto Fund Database, 400+ funds
This Crypto Funds list is ideal for any ICO projects. Contact directly with investors and get more investment. Up to 4 executive contacts with emails. Funds are the main channel of investment in ICO right now.
2. Venture Fund Database, 500+ funds
With contacts and comments
3. Email database from several crypto forums, wallets and exchanges. 695 000 investors.
4. Preqin Hedge Fund Investors database. 5200 investment companies.
5. Telegram ICO investors database. 2 000 000 telegram accounts from the most popular groups on subjects: ICO, investment, crypto currencies, blockchain projects. More than 900 Telegram groups. Languages: English, Korean, Spanish, Russian.

All information you can find in our presentation:
Databases of investors for ICO

Please, inform me if interested
email: [email protected]
telegram: @JeyLep

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