ASUS RX470/RX570/RX580/RXVEGA Mining BIOs

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Hello all, I am a mining enthusiast and a big crypto fan.

With the current price drop and low spirit in the community, I figured I will share some of my work I did on mining GPU, hopefully it will be help to ya all :smile:

Disclaimer- I have only tested these BIOs on it ASUS GPUs, I don't know what it will happen with other AIB cards, but welcome to try and let me know

For Starter, this is the set up I use,

- OS: Windows 10
- Driver: 17.30.1029

ASUS RX470 4G (ELPIDA) 29.5MH/s @ 85W

Download here:

ASUS RX470 4G (HYNIX) 29.2Mh/s @ 85W

Download here:

ASUS RX470 4G (SAMSUNG) 29.3Mh/s @ 85W

Download here:

ASUS RX570 8G (SAMSUNG) 28.6Mh/s @ 85W

Download here:

For those who don't know how to flash bios, instruction are here: Credit to Techpowerup
Note: SB file flashes the same way as ROM file

If you have any questions or suggestions, free feel to let me know!

More GPU Bios will be coming soon!!!!
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