Ethereum DEX supports Local Currency and Language (Spanish, German, Japanese, French and Maylay)

3 more improvements at Ethex
When you browse to Ethex, your computer downloads software that allows you to trade directly wallet-to-wallet with other Ethereum users. You hold your own funds and private keys. This technique allows people all over the world to trade useful tokens directly with each other. They don’t need to connect to a server located in a particular region. They only need to access the Ethereum blockchain.

In order to help bring about this distributed global trade system we made three improvements over the past week.

1. Improved language support

Useful tokens in more languages!

The entire DApp has been translated to 5 languges (Spanish, German, Japanese, French and Maylay). More are on the way. In order for Ethex to feel like your software, it should speak your language.

2. Localizaed currencies

Less in-head calculations
Most people think of value in terms of their own local currency. Many other DApps force you to convert Ether-Fiat values in your head as you use them. We want the Ethex interface to do this for you. This new feature is most prominent on the ‘account’ section. However, we are planning to incorporate this system wide. Meanwhile, if you want to see everything in Ether, just click it! Otherwise you can select Yen, Korean Won, Euros, Austrialan, New Zeland, Canadian or US Dollars.

Prioritizing mobile

More reactive support for mobile
There is nothing inherent about Ethex that prevents it from running on a mobile phone. As long as the DApp can access the blockchain, you can see the orderbook and trade. We have more work to do, but we have vastly improved mobile support. Now you can trade your favorite useful tokens anywhere.

More to come
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