Mining Machine Hang When Run 6 GPU

soohansoohan Member Posts: 1
I am mining using 6 GPU with Gigabyte XP1200M PSU. Windows 10.
3 x Gigabyte 1060 6GB
1 x Gigabyte 1070 6GB
2 x Msi 1060 6GB

I have been running it for 6 months using Claymore until 1 day it stop with page size error. I have increase the page size and it continue to run for few days. But now when i start the batch file, when it reach Setting DAG epoch, the GPU just hang and blow very fast and loud. Next windows will freeze and went to error. There are several windows error, one of it is WATCHDOG VIOLATION.

I am able to run few GPU without problems, combinations I tried.

Running each of them 1 by 1
Running 4 x 1060
Running 1 x 1070 and 1 x 1060
Issue happens when i run:

All 6 GPU
1 x 1070 and 2 x 1060
All 5 x 1060
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