0 Hashrate on 1/6 Rx 580 nitro+ gpu , breaks whole Rig

coldiecoldie Member Posts: 33
So i have a problem that i can't seem to be able to fix for awhile now

I have a rig with 6 x rx 580 nitro+ 8gb, dual core celeron, 4 gb ram, PSU EVGA 1300 w and a h110 d3a MB.This rig can only function with 5 gpus atm because as soon as i connect the 6th gpu , 2 other gpus along with the last connected gpu mine with 0, so i have 3 gpus that mine with 0.Soon after this happens i get blue screen, and restart.

I operate on windows 10, GPUS are all undervolted with -70 mv, core and memory 1090 and 2090.

I tried switching riser 2 times, switching gpu power cable , switching pci slot order, riser power cable and taking each gpu one at a time.

What i found out is the following.Gpu is fine and can mine ok when it is alone, all gpus are working actually so no problem from here.Risers are ok aswell(slot,cable and pci jack), power cable also.
Everything is ok when i add 2nd,3rd and 4th GPU.

Problem comes up when i add the 5th gpu this time from the opposite part of the rig, so that as soon as mining starts after dag is finished i can see that 2 or 3 cards mine with 0 , and soon after , error screen and restart.
What is this?I never encountered this problem before, i have 3 other rigs exactly like this and they all work fine and stable.
PSU problem?MB problem?
Here are some screenshots.

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