0.00 Hashrate on 1/6 Rx 580 Nitro + 8 gb breaks whole rig

coldiecoldie Member Posts: 33
So i have a problem and i can't find the solution for it for some time now

I have a 6 x RX 580 Nitro + Rig that runs on windows 10.CPU is celeron dual core, 4gb RAM and a H110 D3A Motherboard,PSU Evga 1300 W.Risers are 008 version.Each card is undervolted with -70mv.core 1090 , memory 2090 and i average a 29.5/card - so i do not stress them to much, i go for stability.
The problem is the rig can only run in 5 GPUS instead of 6.Each time i try to connect the sixth GPU it breaks the hashrate of 2 other cards along with it, so i have 3 cards that mine with 0 HS , and this is soon followed by a windows blue screen and restart.

I tried switching riser 2 times.I also tried switching pci slot connection on mb.Also switched riser power cable and gpu 8 pin vga cable.Also tried taking cards one by one.
So what i found by doing all this:
The card is fine, when i connect it alone it works, when i put a second card in , it works aswell.This goes like this till i reach 5th card this time.When i connect the 5th card same problem happens, i start miner and last card + 2 other cards mine with 0 followed by blue screen.

It is really weird because i have 3 others rigs with the exact config and everything works and is stable.

I have 3 screenshots wich show card working fine alone, rig working in 5 cards and what happens when i connect all 6 cards.


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