Hash rate dropping exactly after 24hrs

darknes01darknes01 Member Posts: 4
I just joined and have an interesting issue.
i have 6 rigs. they are all pretty much a clone of each other.
windows 10
claymore 11.8
4gb of ram
same version of windows
all of them are mining on the same pool also.
Now all was fine till about a week ago my rig5 started to drop the hash rate from a steady 235 to a volatile random hash rates, down to 40 up to 200 down to 100 and so on.
I 1st tried to restart the miner and nothing helped so the only way this gets fixed is by me rebooting the machine.
Now I checked power settings in windows and bunch of other stuff but cant figure out for the life of me why just this 1 rig will randomly but exactly after 24hrs start to fluctuate the hash rate like this.
Does anyone know what else i can check or do to fix this?


  • TodgerTodger Member Posts: 8
    heat? check your overclock on the GPU cards and the fan speeds. My guess they are running fine and slowly heating up the GPU cards and after 24 hours they are shutting down automatically
  • darknes01darknes01 Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for the advice Todger,
    but unfortunately its not that. The temps from the start of the 24hr period to the point of random hash rate drop is almost the same. As i type this the hottest card right now is @ 68c and the rest are around 63 to 64c and stays that way till it crashes again after 24hrs.
  • darknes01darknes01 Member Posts: 4
    So can anyone help me with this issue?
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