[Video Demo] Ethereum at Home to Manage Kid's Chores & Bribe them with Cryptocurrency

People talk about "Smart Homes" -- but I have created what I believe is the "World's Smartest". The (fun) videos below are a demonstration of my custom home automation, which features an innovative implementation of Ethereum + Smart Contract to manage our kid's chores and entertainment.

The videos also show integrated real-time vehicle tracking, alarm surveillance, DASH buttons, TV control, house-wide music, smart fitness coaching, mobile phone notifications, wifi colored lights, homework scoring, thermostats, sprinklers, power monitoring, motion and vibration sensors, and Echo dots in every room.

01/11 Blockchain Chores & Crypto

02/11 Vehicle Tracking

03/11 Automated Fitness

04/11 TV Control

05/11 Alarm & Surveillance

06/11 Whole Home Music

07/11 Mobile Integration

08/11 Satellite Touchpanels

09/11 Homework Scoring

10/11 Chatbot, GUI, Hardware

11/11 Extras (Dinner Gong, Home Videos)

Learn more at http://jarvisfarley.com/

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