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edited June 2018 in Promotional , a decentralized prediction platform that is built on the smart contract of Ethereum network. In a prediction market, players can speculate on the outcomes of future events. Players who forecast the result correctly win money. Although prediction market is popular, it has always been criticized and has not been accepted by the mainstream market. Although the current prediction market has reached the scale of trillions, people’s impression for prediction market is still negative. The traditional prediction market has been accused of platform fraud, arbitrarily changing the odds, technical loopholes, and other various problems. Concerns always fill the hearts of the public. So, is there a way to solve the problem of mutual trust between the platforms and players? Yes, the answer is blockchain! In blockchain, all block data are completely transparent, immutable and irreversible, which means games cannot be manipulated or controlled by a single party. The decentralized nature allows users to keep control of all their transactions and information. Blockchain technology is changing the very fabric of online prediction.

Based on our research, ContractBet is a decentralized prediction platform that is based on the smart contract of blockchain network. It adopts the smart contract technology, creates an efficient and provably fair new gaming model. Distinguished with the traditional prediction platform, ContractBet is not controlled by any party, and block data is completely transparent and publicly available on the smart contract. ContractBet ensured all players are able to speculate in a fair and open environment from forecasting to the payout of winnings, taking prediction to a whole new level!

With less than few days to the World Cup Russia 2018, the hype for the World Cup is ramping up among soccer fans across the globe. Meanwhile, ContractBet has already opened World Cup Single Match and Winner forecasting functions, and giving out free CBT tokens for players. ContractBet supports up to seven languages such as Japanese, German, Spanish and Russian, enable players from all over the world to participate in the game.

Provably Fair

We all know that in the traditional prediction market, ordinary players are always at the bottom of food chain. All profits are diverted and even monopolized by the operators, and many essential data are deliberately kept away from public scrutiny. ContractBet is built on the blockchain technology, the smart contract prediction is completely transparent and decentralized, with no need for a third-party to verify transactions, ensure maximum credibility and safety. Players are more likely to win higher returns on ContractBet compared to other traditional prediction platforms. Because the system on the blockchain is operated by all nodes on the chain. All predictions and draw information are visible on the block data. No one is able to tamper to interfere with the results. ContractBet has reshaped the trust mechanism of online prediction markets.

ContractBet - innovative gameplay, smart contract one-click predicting, no service fee

The prediction market has been subject to strict financial regulation since its emergence and is not widely accepted by the mainstream market. ContractBet aims to use the disruptive blockchain technology combined with the Internet, transform predicting into a healthy, popular entertainment way of life, attracting the participation of users worldwide.

ContractBet using mainstream cryptocurrency ETH as stake, no fiat currency involvement, players do not need to register, deposit, or request to withdraw. Players are only required to transfer ETH in the contract address, and the smart contract will automatically distribute the payouts of winnings to players’ wallet directly. No fees charged, zero thresholds. A user-friendly platform that takes user experience seriously.

The main advantages of ContractBet compared with other platforms:
(1)Decentralized: Complete decentralized platform, no registration, and no deposit required.
(2)Complete Autonomy: Guarantees complete anonymity without the need for registration, documents, and verification.
(3)Provably Fair: Processing of predictions and payout of winnings are publicly available thanks to the nature of Ethereum blockchain.
(4)Smart Contract: The open algorithm is fixed in the smart contract. The smart contract processes the predictions and the winnings are transferred directly to your wallet.
(5)Trustless Security: There is no trust involved, you have the full control of your funds. No one is able to interfere the predictions or manipulate the results in the blockchain.
(6)Easy to use: Simple design, friendly user interface, one-click forecasts, perfect user experience.

ContractBet, a decentralized prediction platform that is based on the smart contract of Ethereum blockchain, is bound to change the future of prediction with blockchain technology. What are you waiting for? ->

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