[ANN] New EthereumICO Wordpress plugin is released

olegabrolegabr Novosibirsk, RussiaMember Posts: 18
Use Wordpress Ethereum ICO ERC20 token plugin (https://ethereumico.io) to sell your Ethereum ERC20 ICO tokens from your Wordpress site.

  • To show tokens sell widget insert a simple [ethereum-ico] shortcode wherever you like
  • To show an ICO progress bar widget insert a simple [ethereum-ico-progress] shortcode wherever you like.
  • To show tokens balance on the current user account use the [ethereum-ico-balance] shortcode. If MetaMask is not installed or account is not unlocked, an input field is provided for user account address.
  • There is also a shortcode [ethereum-ico-purchases] to display a table of recent token purchases by anyone, or by the current user. In the last case if MetaMask is not installed or account is not unlocked, an input field is provided for user account address.
  • Use shortcode [ethereum-ico-referral] to display a referral address field. User can copy it and send to friends. If they buy tokens while opened this referral link, your Crowdsale contract would get a referral address in the Data field. Your Crowdsale contract should be able to work with it.
  • Airdrop is also supported. Just set the minimum allowed setting to zero and the Crowdsale address to your airdrop contract. Note that your airdrop contract should be able to accept zero payments and send some tokens in return.
  • This plugin uses Metamask to safely perform the ERC20 token sell operation
  • It will show user a link to the Metamask site if the user doesn’t have the Metamask installed
  • We use a well known https://etherscan.io API to provide your client an automatic rate calculations to USD and BTC
  • You can use a bounty program, if your ERC20 crowdsale contract supports it.
  • The transaction data to send to your crowdsale contract is supported.
  • Select a list of any currencies supported by the openexchangerates.org to convert the price to.
  • You can use any of the persistent hash WP plugins to overcome the etherscan.io and openexchangerates.org API rate limits. We use the cache to limit the API calling rate to a reasonable value.
  • You can provide a comma separated list of coins to convert ETH amount inputted by user. This list is shown under the ETH input field.
  • Coins and token icons display can be switched on
  • Minimum and maximum ether amount can be specified to workaround some legal issues
  • Test networks like ropsten or rinkeby are supported.
  • User is warned if he tries to buy tokens from one network, while having MetaMask to point to another network, effectively preventing any losses here.
The demo on the site (https://ethereumico.io/product/ethereum-ico-wordpress-plugin/) uses a real TSX token: https://etherscan.io/token/0xe762da33bf2b2412477c65b01f46d923a7ef5794 you can buy to test the plugin functionality.

Free version: https://wordpress.org/plugins/ethereumico/
PRO version: https://ethereumico.io/product/ethereum-ico-wordpress-plugin/


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