CryptoCanvas - How to become The Blockchain Picasso

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Hey everyone!

We are looking for opinions about our new project - CryptoCanvas. You can draw anything on a small canvas, together with thousands of other people and create something unique. Upon completion, the artwork will be auctioned. As soon as bought, it becomes collectible and tradable, just like notorious CryptoKitties and CryptoPunks.

All the information — about colors, authors of the pixels and owners of the finished artworks — is stored on the Ethereum network. Every single pixel you draw and every transaction you make is stored on blockchain. This is something our developers worked hard to implement and this is what differs our project from similar ones. CryptoCanvas allows you to create, trade and collect community generated artwork.

We are inviting you to have a look at the BETA version of the project. It is using the Rinkeby test network, so participation is free. Only thing we will charge you is your feedback and active participation.

Follow simple steps to get on the path to become The Blockchain Picasso!

Join us by this link: ; or a clean one, if you are extra cautious


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