[ICO] RigCraft - ERC-721 based cryptomining game and ecosystem

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What is Rigcraft:
- RigCraft is a virtual crypto-mining simulator running on the Ethereum network. Players can collect a large variety of HW components and assemble their own unique looking Rigs. After that players can join cryptocurrency mining tasks either as a member of a mining Pool or as Individuals.

Casper Pool:
- Casper is the name of the Ethereum implementation (https://github.com/ethereum/wiki/wiki/Proof-of-Stake-FAQ) when the network will replace PoW mining with PoS mining. It will make mining with computation power obsolete.
Also that will be the point where our Rigcraft rigs can truely providing you passive lifelong income and leave behind the regular rigs.
Casper pools are more effective if your pool is holding more Ethereum, so 20% of the total fund always going into this deposit.

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