What does it take to change wallet in a pool

jrhodkjrhodk Member Posts: 1
I have been mining to a certain pool for 2 month, and just before the first payout I got aware that my wallet address might not be the smartest which is why I asked the pool whenever they could change my wallet address. Their answer came a day after and it was that I just should write them an email with the old and new wallet address which I did, and after that I heard nothing. A couple of days later I did send an email to ask for a status, and then I did get the answer that it would take 10 days but 11 days after I have heard nothing. 2 days ago I did write to them again and I have still not got an answer. I have a rig a small rig with 2 amd580, which maybe is why I'm ignored?
- How long does it normally take to change a wallet address in a pool?


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