Z270a Board power button ceasing to function

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Hey guys -- I have a maddening problem I'm finding absolutely no solution for. A few weeks back I went out of town for a week. Of course as soon as I get to the airport 1 miner goes down. I come back, hit the "on" button on the mobo and nothing happens. The LED light is of course on but no PSU fans spin, nor the CPU, nothing. Keep in mind this is a miner that has been working for months straight with no issues. I have quite a few extra boards and such on hand so I don't think much of it, RMA the Mobo and put a new one in place. Viola -- Works like a charm. I'm back mining again... For a week. Same issue with the new board occurs this evening so I immediately think it's a PSU issue. I test both of them and nothing glaring pops up. I test all the components one by one and again nothing suspicious. I do notice that the new windows creator update somehow installed itself and I don't have the option to roll back for whatever reason. Which is just comical -- Thanks Microsoft. MSI afterburner is super laggy but I notice that the memclock has been bumped up to 2200+ (I never go past 2060) and I have no reason how that happened. That's the only thing I see as really suspicious but I can't fathom where to go from here.

Anyways, I've got another board running but I'm sure it's headed for the same fate. Anyone had similar issues or have any suggestions? I'm going to reset windows tomorrow and go through that nonsense but at this point all I can think is that it's a PSU issue. I'm using dual 850W PSUs EVGA G2s.


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    Do you have the rig plugged into a UPS or good surge protector? Do you have a whole house surge protector? I am wondering if the motherboards are getting fried because of surges after the AC kicks in etc.

    I also like to use washers when I screw the motherboard to the case. I know many people think this is not necessary but I have always done it like that since the previous century (lol!).


    At my house I have a whole house surge protector on a dedicated 20a breaker on the panel. I also have two APC UPS backups for each rig. I have 13 GPU cards per rig with total draw around 1800 watts in Winter with highest performance setting. In the Summer each rig draws about 1500 watts. Each rig has 4 power supplies (combined total of 3500 watts) and two power supplies maximum connected to each UPS. The UPS backups can handle up to 865 watts each.
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    I had a similar situation with one mining rig and I put it down to a lose cable on the main power connections( with either to the m/b or CPU power connection). The rig would look completely dead and I would reconnect the power connections and it would be fine. I would just key an eye on which PSU is the master. Ideally you should make the slave PSU the new master.

    I also had another situation where I overloaded the second PSU and it kept tripping the system. This in turn fried the M/B.
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