Crypto Star Registry powered by Ethereum

The original, official and international registry of all cosmic-digital assets. Additionally, we showcase individualized, luxury, celestial crypto artwork. Own the cosmos as you buy, sell, and collect these beautifully designed, cosmic assets on the block chain. You will own the cosmos!

Collect rare cosmic assets such as the Earth, Orion, the Sun, Haley's Comet, or a supermassive black hole. Rare asset owners retain cosmic asset rights along with highly coveted smart contract ownership of one-of-a-kind artwork.

Crypto Star Registry allows for the ownership of decentralized, rare, and highly desired digital celestial assets in the cosmos!

Be the first to claim secondary stars. Use your creativity to name them after yourself, your loved ones, your pets, and so much more. But don't delay, as a name can only be used ONCE in the cosmic registry.

Watch out though! If another player wants your cosmic asset or artwork, they can DOUBLE what you paid and claim it for themselves. Though you will lose the cosmic asset, you will gain a hefty selling reward (close to double) in ETH which will be transferred directly into your MetaMask.

Exciting future functionality will put a twist on owning certain cosmic assets.
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