Windows? Electricity? Drivers? Can't get my 5GPU Rig back on business

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Where I live, electricity is a serious problem for everybody. Every day we can expect to spend hours without power or just go through lot of fluctuations. After one of the many times this happened, I turned my rig back on as usual and it didn't run. I didn't realize if Windows10 finally got updated, since I was avoiding that to happen for days. Although, I think that's were the problem began.
After that I have had problems to make my rig work properly. At the beginning it didn't recognize the main GPU (the one I have on PCIe1). I have 5 AMD Rx470s (2 samsung & 3 elpida). I tried with the second card and I could finally see the screen showing what was happening, so I reinstalled the drivers and GPU got recongized again. I'm using the BETA AMD drivers for mining, with the patcher and MSI afterburner 440 Beta, which is the only one that supports those drivers.
The main problem is that I haven't been able to make the rig work with more than 3 GPUs. Actually, sometimes it doesn't even recognize those 3, and I have to start all over again, uninstalling and reinstalling drivers.
Any advise on this issue? It has been tricky for me, since I got this Mobo (AsRock) to get the 5 GPUs working, but this time I've tried everything for days without success. Thanks in advance for your help!!!


  • qnarkillqnarkill Member Posts: 11
    Update uefi/bios to latest and check that you got all the settings for mining in check. Usually PEG 0 and PEG 1 set to Gen1
    Above 4G Decoding set to Enabled and trial and error will see what works. Also if the mobo has a board explorer you can check what pci-slots are working and what are not.

    Then double check the connections, are all the usb's connected? Same thing on powers. Especially if you see some pci-slots not occupied in board explorer.
    Swap risers to ones that work to see if theres faulty risers.
    Try gpu's 1 by 1 first. Add more to see if they work.

    Heres for starters
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