Casino Ethereum *[Did you lost? We’ll give you the money back!]*[Risk? 0%!]*[Try Jackypot’s Casino]*

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What’s up, guys? Nice to meet you.

I’m the manager of a brand new Ethereum Casino called Jackypot and I’m here to tell you about a terrific promotion that we’re having for aperture.

Jackypot is the first Ethereum Casino with an smart contract 100% clear in each transaction, animated interface (simple and user friendly) and great prizes: with us you’ll have 55% chances to win! Up to 300% of your bet!

Other casinos restrict your profit to a minimal chance… that doesn’t happen in Jackypot. Even if you bet 0.01 ETH or take a risk with a 10 ETH bet you’ll always have 55% chance to win (at least) 110% of your bet.


So, what do you say?


Introductory Offer: *[Did you lost? We’ll give you the money back!] *

In Jackypot we’ll return 100% of the bet to users that have had lost by playing.
If you bet “0.01 ether” in Jackypot and lost, then we’ll return you that “0.01 ether” to your wallet

How to claim my prize?

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Make a bet of 0.01 ETH in Jackypot Ethereum Casino (“Refund will only apply for 0.01 ether bets. Other quantities don’t apply”).
Step 3: Wait for your result to appear on the board.
You lost?
Step 4: Leave a comment in this post with your ethereum address.
Step 5: Wait for the refund of your “lost ether” to be made in about 1 or 2 hours. (we’ll answer in less of 2 hours)
Note: Only bets of 0.01 ethereum will be refund. Upper quantities don’t apply.
Only 3 bets will be refund per player = ethereum address

** Offer available until June 30th, 2018 or until spend all 2,000 refundable bets available. (we’ll eliminate this post when limit stablished is completed)**


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